Monday, July 18, 2016

Jose Altuve The Road Warrior

When you see the Houston Astros second baseman, Jose Altuve's mind boggling hitting numbers in 2016 [and for his whole career], you might think he is doing it mainly with the home cooking of Minute Maid Park [for ex., the short left field].  But you will see on the graphic further down in this post, that is not the case.  

Here are the season to date hitting statistics for Jose Altuve:  
average  = .346
hits         =  125
Runs       =  70
Walks      =  42
HRs        =  15
RBI         =  54
and check this out - Altuve's slugging percentage for 2016 is .551, his on base percentage [OBP] is .417 and his on base plus slugging percentage [OPS] is an incredible .968

and yes Jose Altuve does hit well at home, hitting around .300 with 8 HR's and 25 RBI's, but let's look at what Altuve is hitting on the road for the 2016 season up to date:

Jose Altuve - the road warrior
When you think of those unbelievable stats, you have to also add that Altuve leads the league with 24 Stolen Bases and that he is one of the best defensive baseman in baseball, many times making spectacular plays.   

So, what does that all add up to?   
In my opinion it is, how do you spell MVP?   A  L  T  U  V  E

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