Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hugh Hewitt On The Main Take Away From Comey's Statement

Hugh Hewitt on the Hugh Hewitt Show this morning, Wednesday July 6, 2016, opened by saying it was a very sad day in America yesterday as James Comey convicted Hillary Clinton but didn't indict her. 

 FBI Director James Comey who gave a statement reminiscent of Justice John Roberts ruling on Obamacare

Then Hugh gave the most important clear summation of what Hillary did when he said "here is the main take away from what FBI director Comey said""Hillary Clinton recklessly endangered the national security of the United States and then she lied and lied about it."

Amen, Hugh Hewitt.  This is why I consider you the best talk radio host in the nation.  Or as you like to kiddingly say, "the Michael Phelps [gold medal winner] of talk radio."


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