Thursday, July 21, 2016

Don't Mess With Texas.....Senators

I just posted the following on Face Book following U.S. Senator Ted Cruz-TX, remarkable speech at the Republican National Convention in which he told Republicans to be sure and come out to vote up and down the ballot and "vote your conscience" for constitutional conservative principled candidates.  

Let's see Donald Trump got a lot of play about "lyin' Ted".  And Donald thought he was being very cute making fun of Ted Cruz wife's appearance.  And on the day he wrapped up the nomination in Indiana, Donald Trump accused Ted Cruz father of being involved in the JFK assassination.

Can we call tonight revenge of the Ted! 

Hey Donald, you don't mess with Texas or with Texas' Senators!

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, R-TX

Ted Cruz is once again [like he did in his filibuster during the Obamacare debate] taking a lot of heat from both Democrats and Republicans for his stance [as I am watching now on cable TV], but I have gained new respect for Ted Cruz for willing to speak to a hostile crowd and stand his grounds on his principles.

And for all the vitriol from the Trumpsters, I would ask:  I thought you admired someone not worried about political correctness and standing up strong for their beliefs.  Or does that only apply to Donald Trump?


Sheralyn said...

I too am very proud of Ted Cruz because once again he has shown that he does have principals and that he will stand by them. I don’t look at his not supporting Trump as revenge, but as staying true to himself and his principals when others are willing to bend theirs to the point of almost breaking. I would have been very disappointed in him if he had endorsed someone that he truly felt was not principled and not the best for this country than Hillary. Well, how do they know this? He hasn’t done anything to prove this opinion. At least Ted stood up and took the slings and arrows from other so called conservatives, because he said that he would not become the sellout conservative like those who were and are already entrenched in Congress. As I see it, it’s the devil in a jumpsuit or the devil in a dress suit. It’s a crap shoot. And may I remind all conservatives that swore up and down that they wanted a true conservative that would say what he/she meant and do what they said that they would do, that they failed to support the candidate that did just that. I agree with Ted that each and every one should vote their consciences, if they haven’t sold them already. Maybe they’re just in pawn for this election cycle. Ultimately everyone is accountable to themselves and to God for the choices that they make. I’m just saying that if a candidate lies to you ahead of the election, changes his mind as often as he changes clothes, he has not understanding of how to run the government and has shown that he has very little if any intention of listening to others with more knowledge than he has, behaves like a petulant child to others with whom he disagrees and can only continually say, “we’re going to make America great again” when confronted with questions that require only basis knowledge that a candidate should have when running for the highest office in the country, and everyone falls in line behind him, then we get what we get. You can’t say that you didn’t know.

Big Mike said...

Thanks for your well thought out comments Sheralyn!