Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Poll Is Worth A Thousand Headaches

I just posted the following three polls on Face Book that are so devastating in their meaning for one candidate [at the presidential level] and for one political Party [at the down ballot level], I will post here with no comment.  By the way, that political party I must sadly say is the one I have been a loyal, and contributing member of for 40+ years. 

In other words, Tales posts and you interpret and decide.

I.  2016 Presidential election match-up, Bloomberg Poll taken June 10-13, 2016 of 750 Likely Voters:


 II.  2016 Bloomberg Poll from June 10-13, 2016 of how many voters will never vote for Clinton - Trump:

Will never vote for Hillary Clinton43%
Will never vote for Donald Trump55% 

III.  Washington Post/ABC News Poll of Favorablity Rating of the Trump and Clinton, taken June 8-12, 2016:

Hillary Clinton:   Favorable  43%  Unfavorable  55%
Donald  Trump:   Favorable  29%  Unfavorable  70%
I know exactly how you feel     

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