Friday, June 17, 2016

This 8th Grade Graduation Speech Will Make You Smile

Hat/Tip:  Thanks to informing of this video by Eric Bolling of "The Five" afternoon show on the Fox News Channel and "The Daily Caller" and "The Blaze" and "This" web sites that I saw this on.  

Jack Aiello -Thomas Middle School
This 8th grader, Jack Aiello, was graduating from Thomas Middle School in Arlington Heights, IL.  He is really great as he imitates President Obama and some of the presidential candidates of 2016.  Now stay with it, while the first impersonation of Donald Trump wasn't his best, it gets really better from there as he nails Senator Ted Cruz, President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders! 

From The Insider"Unsurprisingly the 14 year old plans to pursue a career in either politics or comedy someday."  

I'd say Jack Aiello is off to a good start.

Jack Aiello, Thomas Middle School Graduation Speech from John Aiello You Tube:

Bravo, Jack!   I will be looking forward to see you on TV, either as a politician or a comedian, in the future!

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