Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Solution For GOP Primaries To Prevent Future Disastrous Nominee

Some Republicans are wondering how we got to this point where Donald Trump, many think the least electable of all the candidates, has become the GOP presumptive nominee. 

With so many legitimate viable candidates in the early states, close to double digits in many of the states, Donald Trump was winning almost all of those early primaries with less than 40% of those voting in the primaries.  Check out this Tales post from March 3, 2016: "How Super Tuesday Proves the Trump Ceiling".

So, because of the perception fueled on by Trump winning state after state, even though a big majority of Republican voters were actually voting for someone other than Trump, many of the viable candidates, like Marco Rubio dropped out.  

Then, when you got to the winner take all states, Trump was winning those with under 50% of the vote [except for NY], but was receiving all of the delegates.  So, that put Trump way ahead in states won and a plurality of delegates and, with the help of the MSM who wanted the weakest GOP nominee for Hillary Clinton and the Fox News Channel that was in the tank for Trump, the perception was fueled even further that Trump was "the people's choice".   That then became a train that couldn't be stopped and he became the presumptive nominee when he won Indiana. 

So, now unless a miracle happens at the Republican Convention in Cleveland we are stuck with the most unfavorable candidate in the history of polling as our [GOP] nominee.

So, how can we possibly avoid this situation in the future when you have so many viable candidates competing for the nomination that an unfavorable, un-presidential 'with the general electorate' candidate, could emerge as the nominee by winning the early primaries [and gaining momentum] with only a plurality of the vote?  

Solution:  We don't have any winner take all, or winner take most delegates primaries.  Every single state's delegates will be awarded proportionally, determined by the percentage of vote a candidate receives.  So, if a candidate wins 35% of the vote he receives 35% of the delegates and if a candidate receives 10% of the vote, he receives 10% of the delegates.  First what that would do in a field with many legitimate candidates is keep many of them in longer during the primary season as they would be receiving delegates in every state and they realize no candidate would go to the convention as the presumptive nominee because almost assuredly no candidate would receive a majority of the delegates needed to win the nomination.  

In this last primary season, for example, there is no way Marco Rubio would have dropped out of the race after losing Florida because he would have still been in the top 3 of delegate winners and he would have realized the convention would have been wide open after the first ballot.  Donald Trump would have gone into the convention with the most delegates but no where near the majority plus one to win the nomination.  Then after the first ballot the delegates would, in my humble opinion, not choose such an unfavorable person as our GOP nominee.  The convention at that point would have been wide open.  

Remember this was an unusual year with so many candidates and the situation may not happen again, so it would still be possible in a field of 3 or 4 viable candidates that a presumptive nominee does emerge, even in this all proportional system I have proposed.  

This could have been the face of the Republican Party
                                       instead we get this: 

Using this guy's own words: "who could vote for this face?"

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