Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hugh Hewitt: "It's Time To Panic" GOP

This blog was inspired by my favorite radio talk show host, who also just happens to have the most intelligent conservative talk show going, Hugh Hewitt.  If you need to know anything about Hugh, it is that he is, and has been, a loyal unwavering Republican his whole life, even working for two Republican presidents, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.  In this election he has been fair to every single Republican candidate and he has never been a #NeverTrump guy.  Hugh has even tried to persuade [in an intellectual way, and not in a mean name calling way like some Trump supporters] those of us who are #NeverTrump to vote for Donald Trump in November to stop what we all know will be a disastrous Hillary Clinton presidency; a presidency which might be able to nominate numerous Supreme Court Justices. 

Keeping that in mind, please listen to this amazing powerful rant by Hugh Hewitt on, what Hugh calls, "the worst 72 hours of the Republican Party in an upcoming election since the Democrats dropped on the country the DUI charge [from 24 years] against George W. Bush, on the Friday before the election."

Keep in mind, this is only a small sample of the riveting 3 hours of Hugh Hewitt "It's time to panic if you are a Republican" rant on the Hugh Hewitt show from Wednesday morning.  I hope many of you will consider joining the "Hughniverse" so you can hear the podcast of all three amazing hours of Hugh's radio show. 

note:  Hugh Hewitt actually said it "was time" for the GOP "to panic" in the amazing first hour of the Hugh Hewitt show on Wednesday.  This is the beginning of hour 2 of the Hugh Hewitt show on Wednesday.

Hugh Hewitt Show: June 8, 2016:

To hear the podcast of all three hours of the Hugh Hewitt show from Wednesday, or any other day, please click here and subscribe to the Hughniverse.

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