Friday, June 10, 2016

Donald Trump - The If Candidate

The late Don Meredith on Monday Night Football:  "If  'ifs' and 'buts' were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas." 

I am brought to mind this funny quote by Don Meredith when I hear conservative Republican commentators [even including some talk show hosts who I love and respect] tell us how it might be possible for Donald Trump to actually win the presidency, if his campaign would only do certain things.

If he would just stop insulting people; especially Mexicans, women, war heroes, the physically disabled and former Republican presidents.

If he would just start talking about the issues the American people care about, like the economy.

If he would stop talking about his personal lawsuit regarding Trump University that no one cares about.

If he would apologize to a federal judge for making the racist comment that the judge can't be fair to him because he is a "Mexican" [sic]. 

If he would stop Re-Tweeting tweets from dubious characters, including some white supremacists, on twitter.

If he would just show some interest in learning about the important issues of the day.

If he would start having meetings with knowledgeable foreign policy, national security least enough to not look clueless about those issues.

If when attacking his would be opponent, Hillary Clinton, he would attack her in a detailed way on her many specific bad [if not illegal] actions, especially when at Secretary of State, and not just say, she was very bad and I am very good. 

If he starts doing the serious work of raising the money needed to run a legitimate presidential campaign [maybe too late for that]

If he would choose a vice-presidential candidate, like a Sen Tom Cotton [who I don't believe would ever except], who would be a serious, knowledgeable person on national security issues and a person with gravitas, to compliment Donald Trump's national security cluelessness and his lack of seriousness that he projects.   

And I think it can all be summed up with this if:
If he would start acting presidential. 

Donald Trump - The Republicans "if" candidate
Which brings to mind, my "ifs":
If I was 45 years younger, and a foot taller, and could run a lot faster, and could consistently hit 3 point jump shots, and could jump through the roof, then I could be an NBA player.   


bradley said...

Much better chance for your last impossible "if" to come through than the 1st ten impossible ifs.

Big Mike said...

That was my thoughts exactly Bradley!!!