Monday, June 27, 2016

Delegates Unbound Ad

I, for one, am praying a miracle happens in Cleveland in July at the Republican National Convention that will bring the Republican Party back to its senses from a disastrous Trump nomination that would almost surely give the nation a Hillary Clinton presidency with a Democrat senate.  For the good of the country I do not want to see that happen.  

So, when I saw this ad on TV from a group called Delegates Unbound I gained renewed hope that not everyone is just giving up resigned to a certain Donald Trump nomination.  

From their web site Delegates Unbound they state that they are "not-for-profit working to bring long term reform to the Republican Party. Our primary focus is on educating delegates that they are unbound and free to vote as they see fit on all matters before the Republican National Convention, including whomever they wish to be the Republican nominee for President"

Ad from Delegates Unbound:

There has already been one miracle in Cleveland this year as the Cavaliers ended a half of century of pro sports futility in that city by making an historical comeback from a 3-1 deficit in the finals to beat the heavily favored Warriors.  So I say, let's go for two Cleveland!   You made Cleveland proud, now it is time to make the country proud by doing the right thing at the Republican Convention.

If Great Britain can do it, why not Cleveland. #Delegatexit       Free the GOP delegates!


dbsnyder said...

While I don't know that I will/can vote for Trump, rejection of a participant selected candidate by elites will kill the party. We're screwed. :-(

Big Mike said...

But if the delegates reject him, that wouldn't be the elites. You are right, to dump Trump will probably kill the party. But Trump is already dividing and killing the party if we don't dump him. So, either way were screwed....but in my personal opinion, I would at least want the best chance to defeat Hillary or at least to save the Senate. If we nominate Trump, that will be the worst chance. Thanks DB for your comments!