Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Two Myths Of The New Trump Voters

The two things I keep hearing from Trump supporters and his sycophants in some of the "conservative" media are:  1. The GOP has wanted for years to expand the Republican Party and now finally Trump has done it [and that is usually followed by, "so, why would you turn your back on these new Republican voters];  and 2.  These "millions" of new GOP voters will help the Republican Party retain the U.S. Senate and House.

I submit, from anecdotal evidence and common sense inference, that both of these statements are myths.

1.  Yes, it is very true the GOP has wanted to expand it's base-but it has wanted to expand it's base with the demographic groups that the GOP has had trouble attracting in the past.  Among minorities [blacks, Hispanics, Jews, etc.], among independents, and among young voters, especially among unmarried female voters.  The Republican Party has falsely been accused, by liberals and the MSM [sorry for being redundant], of being the old white man's party.  While that is a lie, it is true the Democrat Party has had a huge advantage among blacks and Hispanics and young female voters.  

In 2013, from this Washington Post article:  Reince Priebus Gives GOP Prescription For The Future RNC Chairman Reince Priebus told of the need to bring in more minorities and women voters into the GOP fold.  From the article:  "Among the report's 219 prescriptions: a $10 million marketing campaign, aimed in particular at women, minorities and gays." ..."The $10 million outreach effort to includes hiring national political directors for Hispanic, Asian-Pacific and African American voters and elevating minorities within the party. "We've done a real lousy job sometimes of bragging about the success that we've had" with minorities, in particular Hispanic candidates, Priebus said." ... "The way we communicate our principles isn't resonating widely enough,” he said. “Focus groups described our party as ‘narrow-minded,’ ‘out of touch,’ and ‘stuffy old men."

It is obvious that this big tent inclusive expansive party that Chairman Reince Priebus and the GOP has been aiming for years is not the new voters that Donald Trump is bringing in.  These are mostly white voters that is actually decreasing the big tent instead of increasing it.  If this continues, what the liberals have lied about for years will be true.  The Republican Party will be the old white people's party instead of the all inclusive conservative party.

2.  Also, these "millions" of new GOP voters Trump is supposedly bringing in will not help the GOP retain the senate, even if Trump does not get blown out [like I believe will happen].  Many if not most of these new voters we are told are people who have never voted Republican before.  From anecdotal evidence on twitter and FaceBook, you can tell from these Trump voters that many of them loathe the GOP.  Yes, they will vote for Trump, but do you think these people who have never voted for the GOP before and are making derogatory comments about the GOP now, will vote for the down ballot Republicans?   

I have no scientific evidence, but it is just my personal opinion, there will be more #NeverTrump voters who will vote for the down ballot GOP candidates than these new non-Republican Trump supporters.  If the Senate and House are to be saved by the GOP, it will be thanks to the lifetime GOP voters who are voting for Trump and the #NeverTrump GOP voters, not the new "GOP" voters Trump is supposedly bringing into the fold.

That is why I am asking all Republican voters and conservatives, even #NeverTrump Republicans, like me, to make sure and come out and vote so that we can retain the Senate and the House!  

That is why I always tweet,  #VoteGOPDownBallot


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