Thursday, May 5, 2016

The One Thing Republicans Can Unite On

As many of you know, I am a #NeverTrump blogger who just cannot and will not pull the lever in the voting booth for the insulting buffoon [clueless on the major issues of the day], Donald Trump.  

I also am an equal opportunity "never guy" as I also strongly am #NeverHillary.  Because I will not vote for Trump does not mean I would ever consider voting for Hillary Clinton, a women who should be indicted and not inaugurated.  

Now, I will respect those of you who disagree with me and think I am making a mistake.  I hope that you will respect my stance that this is the right thing to do for me.

I actually believe the question is moot, even if any or most of #NeverTrump people change their mind and end up voting for Trump, because Donald Trump will lose in a big way.  I believe you only have to look at one demographic voting block to see the handwriting on the wall.  Trump's consistent disastrous and historic disapproval rating with women will make him un-electable in a general election.

While I know many of you disagree with my Never Trump stance, I think all life long Republicans can unite on one thing.  That is we must do everything we can to save the Republican House and Senate.  It will be hard to do if I am right and Trump loses in a landslide, but we must try.

To do that, I would hope for all of you like me who will not vote for Donald Trump as president, please still come out and vote, so you can vote for every Republican on the down ballot.  It is important to come out and vote now more than ever to not allow Hillary to have a Democrat congress to go along with her presidency.  

So, I will start this new hashtag:  #VoteGOPDownBallot



Bedfordguy said...

Great idea, I've Mike. And you are right! We must unite downticket.

Big Mike said...

Thanks big Harry!