Friday, May 27, 2016


This post is a variation on the post that I did a few weeks ago:  "There Is One Thing Republicans Can Unite On".

I say, whether you are one who is strongly supporting Donald Trump or you are #NeverTrump and will either vote for a third party at the top of the ticket or just leave the top of the ballot blank, it is imperative in this election every Republican must come out and vote for the down ballot Republican candidates in order to keep the US Senate and House in GOP hands.  

I don't have to explain why it is extremely important to save the Senate and House to counter a Hillary Clinton or Democrat president.  

But what if Trump wins the presidency?  Then it is also extremely important to hold the Senate and the House to hold Trump's feet to the fire and not allow him to do his business deal making with the Democrats to bypass the GOP.  

For example, Trump gave out a list of 11 conservative judges that he may, kind of, might, possibly nominate for the Supreme Court of the United States.  Let's say Trump wins the presidency but the GOP loses control of the Senate to the Democrats.  Does anyone really think Trump will nominate someone on that list he proposed or will he do what he has done his whole life as a businessman and make a "deal" with Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer...who is one of his buddies he has donated to as a businessman [because "that's what businessmen do" we are told by his supporters].  Remember that is what Trump has basically promised in this campaign...he will make a deal with the Democrats because he knows how to make a better deal than anyone else in the whole world. 
Please come out and vote in November, 2016 to save the GOP Senate and House

And for those who think if Trump somehow wins the presidency it will automatically mean the GOP holds the senate, think again.  Remember Trump is supposedly bringing in these millions of new voters who have never voted for the GOP and don't have any loyalty to the Republican Party and I think many if not most of them, while voting for Trump at the top of the ticket, will not be voting for the rest of the GOP field.  That is why it is very important for Republicans like me who will not be voting for Trump, to come out and vote and  #SaveGOPDownBallot.

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