Monday, May 23, 2016

My #NeverTrump Has Nothing To Do With Ideology

I have been a conservative Republican for about 40 years, always supporting and voting for the Republican Party candidate for president and for all of the down ballot Republicans for the last four decades.  

Four years ago, I begged and chastised those Republicans who talked about sitting out the 2012 election because of ideological purity.  They would say Romney wasn't conservative enough or they said they could never vote for him because they were so upset with him over his "RomneyCare" in Massachusetts.  I couldn't believe that because Romney wasn't with them on 100% of their positions [at least in their minds] that they would actually allow Barack Obama to be re-elected.  How could they?

So, now you might be thinking, what a total hypocrite I am for not voting for Donald Trump when I criticized those Republicans who would not vote for Mitt Romney.  I do not think I am a hypocrite and I will tell you why. 

My being #NeverTrump has nothing to do with ideology.  If being ideologically "pure" was the reason I wasn't voting for Trump, then you would have ever reason to criticize me as being a total hypocrite.  I have always believed in supporting the GOP nominee who probably would be with me on most of the issues most of the way as opposed to the Democrat nominee who would probably never be with me on most of the issues.  The fact that Trump may not be conservative enough, or conservative at all on some important issues [like the size of government, the decreasing of the national debt], while troubling to me, is not the reason I will not vote for him for president.

I am not supporting and I am not voting for Donald Trump because his words, actions and character [or lack, thereof] have shown to me, like Hillary Clinton, he is unfit to be the president of the United States of America.  So, because I feel both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are unfit to hold the highest office in the land, I will not vote for either of them.

Why do I think that Donald Trump lacks the character and is unfit to be the commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces and is unfit to be the President of the United States?   

I think Donald Trump is unfit to be president because during this campaign, Donald Trump has:

* mocked in a child like manner his fellow GOP candidates and anyone who has dared to not support him as the nominee.  Some may applaud this as being strong, I look it as being like a juvenile bully.

* has demeaned women [those who have spoken against him or have asked him a tough question in a debate], and he has done so many times in a vulgar way.  Again, is that telling it like it is, or just acting like a jerk?

* has demeaned Mexicans [coming into this country illegally] by implying most of them are rapists, law breakers, the worst of the worst...oh, but some of "them" may be okay.  But this man actually thinks Latinos love him and he will win the Hispanic vote.

* has mocked a physically disabled man in a sickening manner-making fun of his disability.  As a parent of, not a physically disabled, but of a special needs child who passed 3 years ago-May 25], this one I will never get over [as Trump has not even had the decency to apologize].  Let me ask you something, if you were the parent of a special needs child or physically disabled child and a presidential candidate mocked someone else like that would you be closer to A: want to vote for that person for president or B: want to punch that person in the nose?

* has called the last Republican president of the United States, George W. Bush, a liar, who lied so he could send our brave military men and women to war.  That is almost like calling president Bush a war criminal. This is something the far left would say. This alone should have disqualified Donald Trump from being the Republican nominee.

* has said even worse about the last Republican president of the United States that he was responsible for 9-11 and could have stopped it, but he didn't.  My God, my fellow Republicans. While I certainly disagreed with some of George W. Bush's actions as president, I think I am with the overwhelming majority of Republicans who respected president George W. Bush and love him and his family.  It seems like these last two points alone should have made every Republican denounce Donald Trump as being  unfit to be the GOP nominee.  And if he is unfit to be the GOP nominee, he is certainly unfit to be the president of the United States, in my opinion.

* has said, reading a statement he put out, "I, Donald J. Trump, am calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on."  These were his words.  They weren't, like his supporters who make excuses for him, especially Sean Hannity, say that he was calling for a ban of bringing Syrian refugees into this country, which I and most Americans agree with.  Also, I admit, I might even e-mail something like that to my brother in a fit of anger over a despicable terrorist attack that took place. But I am not running for president.  And a president of the United States cannot call for a total and complete ban of someone because of their religion.  If anyone should realize this it is Jewish Americans, like me.

* wouldn't immediately denounce David Duke and racist groups who were supporting him for president.  When being interviewed by Jake Tapper on State of the Union on CNN, this man, who you admit is never afraid to blurt out his opinion, no matter how inane it is, suddenly acted like he had never heard of David Duke or the KKK.  And as he always does, Donald Trump wouldn't apologize for not immediately denouncing the racists, he would just lie and say he didn't hear the question, when he obviously did.  Sorry, my fellow Republicans, this is unacceptable behavior by the man many of you want to lead our party.  Am I to assume if David Duke was our nominee I must vote for him to stop Hillary?

* has shown [in the debates and interviews] a complete lack of knowledge or even interest in learning about foreign policy, national security issues.  I really could care less if Donald Trump knows nothing about domestic issues, but on issues that would involve his being the commander-in-chief of our brave men and women in the Armed Forces, I care deeply and this lack of knowledge is just one more area where I feel he is unfit to be the POTUS. 

* has actually used a National Inquirer article to imply that the father of one of his opponents was involved in the JFK assassination.  Sorry, Trump fans, that is kook stuff.  That goes along with his un-presidential conspiracy theory nutiness that Geroge W. Bush was responsible for and could have stopped 9-11.  Am I way out of bounds to think someone who says kooky stuff like this is unfit to be president of the United States?    

There have been so many un-presidential actions and words by Donald Trump during this campaign, I know I am forgetting many of them.  This is just a sample of why I have a visceral dislike and disapproval of this man who I feel is unfit to hold the highest office in the land [or many offices below that, for that matter]

It's not his ideology but his unfitness to be president why I can not vote for him
And so now Donald Trump is about to be nominated by the GOP and because of that I am supposed to just pretend like everything that Donald Trump has said or done during this campaign never happened?  I have been getting a lot of flack by those who I guess want me to say #NeverMind about Donald Trump's vulgar campaign instead of #NeverTrump.

Sorry, I can't forget those words and actions by Donald Trump during this campaign which make him unfit to be president of the United States, in my opinion, and I therefore remain:

#NeverTrump    #NeverHillary


Lisa DeSherlia said...

I fully agree with you on every point! I'm still aghast that Donald Trump is the GOP nominee! Now that he is probably going to win this GOP nomination, I'm still busy trying to contact GOP leaders to challenge his nomination and considering others to do the same. I pray that Gd's perfect will shall be done in this election and I know that He is able to work through evil leaders. But I'm doing all I can to defeat Donald Trump. This is a link to an initiative to
challenge his nomination:

Bedfordguy said...

I agree that neither Hillary or Trump are fit to be president. I pray that a 3rd party candidate will emerge with a credible strategy to throw the election into the house of Representatives. If none of this occurs, I have a Hobson's choice to make. While neither presumptive nominee is accepatable, I have to ask: "Who would be worse?" I honestly don't know how to answer that question except that I know Hillary would appoint SCOTUS judges that would for generations would change the character of our nation. I hate where we are, but have yet decided my strategy.

Big Mike said...

Thank you On Life, love and truth and big Harry! I am praying it will somehow not be either Hillary or Trump as the only two legitimate choices. God bless.