Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Israel's Memorial Day 'Yom Hazikaron' Begins Tonight At Sunset

At sunset tomorrow night, May 11, 2016 and thru the day of May 12, 2016 will be the celebration of Israel's Independence Day known as Yom HaAtzmaut.

At sunset tonight, May 10, 2016 will begin Yom Hazikaron.

Yom Hazikaron is Israeli Memorial Day which was established by the Israeli Knesset to take place every year the day before Israel's Independence Day, to honor soldiers who lost their lives fighting in the War of Independence and in other subsequent battles.

Thanks to YWN for this You Tube video of the 2015 Yom Hazikaron siren to honor Israel's fallen soldiers at the entrance of Jerusalem, Israel:

Hatikva 'The Hope' - Israel's National Anthem

May God Bless America!    May God Bless Israel! 


Bedfordguy said...

I'm sitting at my desk with tears streaming down my cheeks. I am so happy that there is an Israel. I mourn for those who gave their lives to get it and keep it, and celebrate the marvelous country that has arisen from the ashes.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Harry. God bless!