Monday, May 16, 2016

Anybody But Hillary, Really?

I am not voting for Hillary Clinton for president.  I, also, am not voting for Donald Trump for president.  I have been told by many Republicans who are supporting Donald Trump that I must vote for Trump because not voting for him is the same as a vote for Hillary.  That is usually followed by "anybody [on the Republican side] but Hillary".

Oh, really?  I should, and they would, vote for anybody who has won the Republican nomination to stop Hillary?  What if the vile racist, one time Ku Klux Klan member, David Duke somehow got the Republican nomination?  I have to believe in my heart that even many of Trump supporters would not vote for David Duke, even if it guaranteed Hillary Clinton would be president. 

No conservative Republican could possibly support David Duke over Hillary, could they?

I know, I know the Trump supporters would be screaming at this suggestion right now saying there is no way voting for Donald Trump is the same as voting for David Duke.  And they would be right because David Duke might say something like,

"they're [Mexican leaders] sending the worst of the worst over here.  They're sending rapists, murderers, really bad people."

David Duke might say that John McCain wasn't a real hero because all he did was get captured by the enemy, and David Duke respects those who didn't get captured a lot more. 

David Duke might call women bimbos and pigs and talk about them having "blood coming out of there, whatever."

David Duke might call for "a ban of all Muslims" [and Jews] coming into this country.   

David Duke might say he was in New Jersey when 9-11 happened and he saw thousands and thousands of New Jersey [Arab-Americans] cheering in the streets when the 'Twin Towers' came down.

David Duke might call his Republican opponents in the primary or anyone who did not support his candidacy insulting, juvenile names.

David Duke might say that he would impose huge tariffs for goods coming into this country, impairing free trade.

David Duke would almost surely be clueless on foreign policy/national security issues.  I bet he wouldn't even know the difference between the Iranian Quds force and the Kurds. 

David Duke might question the religious beliefs of his opponents in the primary [for ex., if any of his candidates were 7th day Adventists or Evangelical Christians].

David Duke might say he would round up and deport all of the millions of illegal immigrants and then let the "good ones" back in.

David Duke might say that president George W. Bush purposely lied to get us into war and that he should have been impeached.

David Duke might hesitate when asked if he would disavow the support of an avowed racist or the Ku Klux Klan.  Then he probably would later say he couldn't hear the question, even though he repeated it to the interviewer.  


David Duke might be a conspiracy theory nut:  a "birther", a "9-11 truther" [saying president George W Bush could have stopped 9-11 from happening but didn't do it], and he might imply that the father of one of his candidates he was running against was involved in the JFK assassination. 

And I bet David Duke would attract many similar disgusting supporters.  I bet you might even have one of them talking about "those f'n Jews". 

Come on.  Even if it was to stop Hillary, you would never support and you would never vote for someone like that, ... would you?

#NeverHillary      #NeverTrump     #VoteGOPDownBallot 

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