Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Conservative Candidate Alternative Could Save The GOP Congress

We have been told by Donald Trump and many of his supporters how the #NeverTrump movement is dead and Donald Trump has even said he doesn't need their votes.  We are also told that an independent conservative candidacy would be fruitless, couldn't get on all the state ballots, would attract few votes and would be a waste of time and money.  But then, in the very next breath, we are told by these same people that if there is an independent candidacy it will guarantee Hillary Clinton's election.

Huh?  Which is it?  Is the #NeverTrump movement so small that Trump doesn't need their votes to win, or is it so powerful that starting an independent conservative candidacy will take away a victory from Trump that he would otherwise have gotten? 

I believe that, with or without a #NeverTrump movement, it is very doubtful Donald Trump can even be competitive in the electoral race to win the presidency.  That would be bad news for the Republican Party in maintaining their big lead in the House and it would almost certainly mean they will not hold the U.S. Senate.  That would be a disaster for the country to have Hillary Clinton as president with a Democrat House and Senate. 

You might say, but wouldn't a Trump win guarantee holding the GOP Senate?  No, to the contrary, a win by Trump could actually make it harder to hold the Senate because the only way for Trump to win is to actually bring out those millions of non-conservative, non-Republican voters he says he is pulling into his camp who have never voted for the Republican Party in the past.  So, think about that.  If that is true, these voters will only have loyalty to Donald Trump and will vote for him at the top, but they have zero loyalty to the Republican Party and you could see a majority of them actually voting for the Democrats on the down ballot or not voting at all on the down ballot.  So, it is my belief that if Trump were to win it would only be by bringing in more likely Democrat down ballot voters.

So, if my theory is correct, no matter who wins the White House it will be very difficult to save the U.S. Senate and possibly even the House for the GOP. 

We must somehow save the Senate and House from falling into Democrat hands, because I don't even want to think about a Speaker Pelosi and a Majority Leader Schumer and what that would mean for the country going forward.  

So, how can we save the Republican congress?  

Here is howby having a strong conservative candidate run on a third party ticket [with only a president/vice-president line].  What that would do is energize millions [I believe] of people who will now have a reason to come out and vote.  As conservatives they will also be voting for the GOP down ballot.  Now I will be voting no matter what in order to save the GOP congress from falling into Democrat hands, but I believe many Republicans that have been discouraged by what has happened to our party at the top of the ticket and the two disastrous choices that will give us for president, that many of these Republicans may stay home.  With this conservative candidate option, it will make sure conservative Republicans will come out and vote in droves [either those voting for Trump or those voting for this third option] and that could be just enough to help save the Republican congress from falling into Democrat hands.  

Let's say this independent candidate did cost the GOP the presidency but brought out enough people to save the Republican house and senate.

Then the question for lifelong loyal Republicans becomesWould you rather have a Donald Trump presidency making deals with a Democrat congress (House & Senate), which means, for ex., that list of 11 Supreme Court justices that the Trump campaign put out would be out the window; or would you rather have a terribly weakened Hillary Clinton presidency with a strong GOP House and a Republican controlled Senate to counter her liberal moves? 

It's no contest to me.  I would choose the later.  That is why I favor having a strong conservative candidate option to the two deeply flawed bad options of the unfit Hillary Clinton and the unfit Donald Trump.


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