Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What Would A Trump vs Cruz World Series Look Like

It was the seventh game of the World Series as the Trump Yankees were taking on the Cruz Crews to see which team would emerge as the nation's best.  

The Yankees, a team that had did a lot of winning during the regular season, were led by the braggadocios Donald Trump who is despised by 2/3 of the country because of his demeaning the other teams in an insulting way, and his team's use of tactics despised by the establishment in Major League Baseball, such as stealing a base when you are 10 runs up, or throwing a pitch at an opposing player's head, then denying that's what they were doing.  Now 1/3 of MLB fans do love the Yankees manager saying they love his not being politically correct by forgoing the old stale baseball traditions and his pronouncements that all his team does is win, and the nation will get sick of his team winning all the time. 

The Crews, led by manager Ted Cruz, is a quieter man who is not loved by most, but respected by many because of his intelligent baseball decisions, using all the rules of baseball to win games. They employ the hit and run, stealing bases, moving runners over in scoring position, etc.  Also, the manager of the Crews is respected because he is known to have been the only manager in history to win many games on appeal before the Supreme Court of Major League Baseball, with Ted Cruz making his own lead arguments before the SCOMLB.

The Yankees were big favorites in this game that would determine the World Series Champion.  Manager Trump was acting if the game was already over, saying, "We have won everywhere, we can't lose.  Las Vegas has us picked as the prohibitive favorite. Every gambling site has us winning this game by a huge margin.  I don't even know why the Cruz' Crews haven't just quit already and given us the trophy, so we cannot unite all fans of Major League Baseball.

In the early going of the seventh game it looked like it was going to be all Yankees as they got hits in every inning and took a 5-0 lead. Shouts by Trump from the Yankee's dugout could be heard by all, "You're a loser, Ted Cruz.  Give it up.  All you do is lose. That's why I'm going to call you, 'loser Ted'.  Let me spell it out for you: L-O-S.....uh, A-R, that's it, loser."

But Cruz's team was taking advantage of all the old fashioned baseball techniques, moving runners over, bringing them in with sacrifice flies and with a run here and a run there, before you knew it, the game was tied 5-5 going into the bottom of the 9th to see if the Yankees could win in regulation.  

There were two quick outs, but the Yankees big slugger [especially with woman reporters], Corey Lewandowski, would surely hit a home run to win it for Trump's team.  Corey swung and missed the first two pitches and was called out on strikes on a pitch right down the middle. Corey threw his bat in anger at the umpire that dared called him out on strikes.  The umpire immediately threw Lewandowski out of the game and he would have to be replaced in extra innings by the oldest player in baseball, Paul Manafort.  

As the underdog Crews had amazingly tied the game and sent it into extra ballots, I mean innings, Donald Trump came steaming out of the Yankees dugout toward the umpires. "What the hell is going on here?", yelled Trump.  "We have won every inning, we have a million more hits than Cruz' team.  Everyone picked us to win. How can the game be tied when we had more hits then them. What kind of fraud is this?  Why haven't you called this game over for us?"  

The lead umpire, Reince Priebus, told Trump, "it doesn't matter that you have more hits than the Crews, they played within the rules and tied the game and the rules say we now have to go into extra innings. That's been the rule of Major League Baseball since it's existence, that it is the runs, not the hits, that determines the winner of the game."

Trump said, that's why the people are in an uproar at the MLB establishment.  All the rules are meant to keep outsiders like me from winning it all.  We got all these more hits than Cruz' team and we have millions of people who love us, yet you talk about these arbitrary rules you just made up to steal it away from us. I am sick of these establishment rules.  If we don't end up winning this game, you may have thousands of Yankee fans rioting in the park."  

Well, I think you know how this ended.  It took two extra innings, but the Cruz' Crews came out on top 6-5 to win the World Series.  

Loser Donald Trump was so upset, he wouldn't shake hands with or congratulate Ted Cruz, or his vice-manager, Marco Rubio, for the win.  
Loser Donald is so outraged that this could happen to him, he is still mulling over whether to start a new baseball league to compete with Major League Baseball.   

Meanwhile, let us congratulate the Ted Cruz/Marco Rubio team for an exciting World Series win, and a possible dynasty of 4-8 years in the making.  



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