Friday, April 8, 2016

Trump Makes History! ... In Unfavorability

What will it take?  What will it take?

To finish that question, what will it take for the Republican primary voters to not commit political suicide by making Donald Trump the GOP nominee for president?

The reason I ask that is because another poll, in the latest in a series of polls, has just come out that shows Donald Trump will be a disaster as the nominee for the Republican Party.  Donald Trump as the nominee would almost certainly mean the Republican Party would face a landslide defeat on the presidential level and also would probably lead to the GOP losing the senate and many house seats.  

Hat/Tip:  Shepherd Smith afternoon show on the Fox News Channel revealed this poll that just came out on April 7, 2016.

Here is the latest poll from the Associated Press-GFK survey taken from March 31- April 4 with a margin of error +/- 3.3% of how American registered voters view Donald Trump favorably/unfavorably: 

Come on, those of you who are still supporting Trump.  If we can't nominate someone who at least has a chance to win the general election, everything else is moot.  We will be electing Hillary Clinton.  

No person that has an unfavorable rating with almost 70% of the American people [which is the highest unfavorable number of any candidate ever who was running for president] will ever be elected president.  And it won't even be close.

I have heard time and again the denunciation of the #NeverTrump people because it is said by being never Trump it only means electing Hillary Clinton as president.  

NO!  It won't be the #NeverTrump people who will be electing Hillary, it will be those of you who have made Donald Trump as the nominee of the GOP who will be electing Hillary Clinton as president.  

And if you care that Hillary Clinton is not the next president of the United States, please, Wake up! 

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