Monday, April 25, 2016

Tales Tweet Of The Week - April 25, 2016

I know what many of you are thinking, "Tales, how can there be a tweet of the week, when the week has just started?"

Speaking for the Tales, whoever that may be, sometimes there is a tweet that just grabs you by the lapels and clearly lets you know all you need to know about an important event.

That happened on Sunday, April 24 with a tweet by a first time winner, who is one of the great conservative Republican pundits tweeting on twitter, Jonah Goldberg - @JonahNRO.  The fact that Jonah is one of my favorites had nothing to do with picking him as the winner of the highly sought after esteemed Tales Tweet of The Week award.  Nothing to do with it.  :-) 

Let's set up the tweet.  Since the beginning of the campaign, the leading GOP presidential candidate, I think even Trump sycophants will admit, has been anything but presidential.  In fact, it is reasonable to say Trump's demeanor and character has been the exact opposite of "presidential", I would say disgustingly so. 

Trump's new campaign manager [if you could call him that], Paul Manafort, has stated for the last couple of weeks, Trump can change his stripes and act more presidential.  And a couple of days ago Manafort guaranteed to the RNC that Trump would tone down his "act" and "become" more presidential.  

So, with that in mind, here is the winner, Jonah Goldberg, with his
Tales Tweet of The Week:

For the record, presidential presidents don't say "I will now take off the clown make-up and act presidential."

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