Friday, April 1, 2016

Outrageous Comments From The Left

I try to be understanding with people who have differing opinions than mine, but when I see statements like these coming from leftist Democrats it is hard not to become upset.

I think if you are a conservative Republican, like me, you too will be outraged at these lies about us.  

Note:  The following statements all come from the same leftist Democrat. 

*  George W. Bush purposely lied us into the Iraq war.

*  Bush lied, people died.

*  George W. Bush could have stopped 9-11 but didn't. 

*  John McCain is no war hero.  All he did was get captured. 

* This leftist Democrat finds it amusing to mock conservative Republican Governors like Rick PerryJeb BushScott Walker, and John Kasich, while being silent about his liberal Democrat buddy governors. 

* I'm for universal health care - different from those Republicans who would let people die in the streets.  

* I think eminent domain for private businesses [to take the homes of old widows] is a wonderful thing.  

*  And maybe the most outrageous lie and sick statement of all from this Democrat was the following statement:  Certain parts of the Republican Party and conservatives want women who have an abortion, if it is ruled illegal, to be punished.  

I know, all these statements make me mad as hell too.

Do I really have to tell you the leftist who made all these outrageous statements?
I didn't think so.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Big Mike.

Big Mike said...

You're welcome! 😀