Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Please Speak Out Reince Before Trump Completely Destroys The GOP

Enough is enough.  I am asking RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to speak out against the latest Donald Trump juvenile whining tirade, before Trump gets his main desire [I believe] fulfilled in destroying the Republican Party. 

Reince Priebus please speak out against Trump's calling the GOP corrupt

I posted the following on my Face Book page, asking this question to Republicans who are still supporters of Donald Trump: 
"I don't see how any real Republican can be a supporter of Donald Trump after recent events. No, I am not talking about his non-conservative positions on the issues or even his vulgar, juvenile, non-presidential insults to anyone who is not on his side. I am talking about what he is doing to the Republican Party itself. 

The latest example of this is his whining about the Colorado delegate results, calling the Republican Party corrupt because he wasn't up on the rules that were there for every competent candidate, who can read, to see and was outmaneuvered by Ted Cruz.  He not only can't take the results like a man, but he is trying to stir up anger of his supporters, calling it a rigged process, corrupt and unfair like the GOP is trying to steal the election from him.  He is almost asking his supporters to show their anger [when he presumably just is reporting what is happening with his supporters in Colorado]. Trump is guaranteeing that his supporters will revolt and not support the supposed party he wants to win the nomination of. 

It's obvious, more than even winning the presidency, Donald Trump's main objective is to destroy the Republican Party.   And with the help of his supporters he is doing that. It's also obvious what is going to happen in Cleveland.  Trump will not win on the first ballot, and then someone else on a subsequent ballot, probably Ted Cruz will win the nomination.  When that happens Trump's supporters will leave the convention and Trump will do everything in his power [in his words and speeches after it-saying it was stolen from him] to destroy the Republican nominee, ensuring Hillary Clinton's victory. 

This is so obvious, why are people who are life long Republicans and who care about defeating Hillary Clinton still supporting him? Donald Trump is not a Republican, like you are, and he will be happy to see it destroyed. 

I don't get it."

After I posted this on Face Book, I just heard Trump say this as reported by "The Five" on the Fox News Channel:  

My God, Reince, Donald Trump just called out the whole Republican Party, that you [the RNC] should be ashamed because the election process of the Republicans is a phony deal, a rigged system and you are doing this xxxx to rig the results.  Please you can't just take that, Reince.

So, I am asking Reince Priebus to hold a major news conference, making a statement and taking questions, calling Trump out on his lies, explaining how the Colorado delegate selection wasn't unfair to any candidate, that nothing was stolen from any candidate and stating unequivocally that the Republican Party is not corrupt.  These were the rules, open for anyone to see, set in place for months and months.  Please Reince don't let Trump's words stand unanswered and have the appearance out there that the GOP is changing the rules to steal the election from Donald Trump and that the whole Republican Party is a corrupt organization. 

As a conservative Republican for almost 40 years, I am asking you to do this on behalf of the party and on behalf of the millions of people who feel like I do.  If you don't speak out Reince in a clear voice against Trump's destructive words, you will be letting us, the people who really care about the Republican party, down. 

Maybe it's not too late, if we speak out now, to not let Donald Trump destroy our party completely. 

Thank you for your consideration Reince. 


Bedfordguy said...

Priebus can't speak against Trump (publically) because there is still a small bit of a chance that he is the nominee. We don't think so, but Priebus has to hedge his bets. Also, criticism of Trump by the titular head of the GOP would only make the Trumpsters even more likely to want to riot.

Big Mike said...

But Harry he called out the RNC as being corrupt and holding a rigged system. Reince can't let that stand. If he doesn't say anything, then the Trumpsters can point to that as being proof the system is rigged. The train of the Trumpsters wanting to riot is already out of the station no matter if Reince says anything or not, in my opinion.

And if Trump is the nominee of the party, and Reince and the rest of the party just push under the rug went on before and support him, guess what..I will be out of the party. I would never want to be a part of a party that supports such a candidate.

Unknown said...

Trump has already fries to destroy the GOP. But, I think the party regulars have him figured out, and will give him enough rope for hI'm to hang himaelf. He is not going to get the nomination, so we should do all we can to play deliberately, and just let him go down to defeat. I think this is the best way to capture at least some of the Trumpsters. Also, 75% of the GOP electorate has voted against the establishment so far. We must be careful (in public) what we say.

Big Mike said...

Alright big Harry.... you are the pro...or dare I say the establishement. :-)