Friday, April 1, 2016

Jim Geraghty To Trump Spokesman - 'What You Are Arguing Is That The Rules Don't Matter'

Hat/TipNational Review Online and CNN's  Kate Bolduan "At This Hour" show.

In a previous post I explain why I feel Jim Geraghty has one of the top newsletters going with his, "The Morning Jolt."

You will understand how that could be after you watch this exchange on CNN between National Review Online's Jim Geraghty and Trump spokesman Kayleigh McEnany. 

Trying not to be mean to Kayleigh because she has the impossible task of defending the clueless buffoon, Trump, but the exchange between her and Jim Geraghty was NC - no contest.  Jim Geraghty schooled Kayleigh on the rules that every candidate agreed to before they entered the race.  The same rules that have always applied to every candidate.  He did this to show the election was not being "stolen" away from Donald Trump.  

Kayleigh said that "this is why the people are so upset because of what Jim Geraghty said could happen [uh, you mean following the rules Kayleigh?].  Kayleigh went on to say this is why the people are upset with the establishment.  

Jim came back, "what you are arguing is that the rules don't matter", and he went on to say that is understandable since that's what the Trump campaign has been arguing all along. 

Then it was up to Jim Geraghty to school Kayleigh when she talked about all "the new people" who he is bringing into the party and who will be upset if Trump doesn't win the nomination.  Jim Geraghty:  "Trump does not have this massive wave [of people] that is going to transform the Republican Party. He's a minority of a minority."  

CNN, April 1, 2016, segment of "At This Hour":

Bravo, Jim Geraghty!

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