Tuesday, April 19, 2016

From The Beginning, Donald?

Well now, Donald Trump, who likes to define his opponents with one-word pejoratives, has finally come up with his word for Hillary Clinton - "crooked" Hillary.  Donald added, when first naming her that, "she has been that way from the beginning."  

Hmm.  Now I am not criticizing that description of Hillary, but for Donald Trump to say she has been that way "from the beginning", we surely must have examples of Donald Trump, before he became a presidential candidate on the GOP side [heaven knows why], of Trump blasting "crooked", from the beginning, Hillary.  

Ah, here's one here in an interview Donald Trump did with Greta Van Susteren.  You better be sitting down when you watch this.  I am afraid of the, never being politically correct Donald, language that you will hear in this vicious attack:

Okay, okay trying to be fair, I will give him a pass...maybe Donald Trump is such a nice guy he didn't want to say anything bad about the Secretary of State before a national television audience.

But one thing about Donald Trump, at least he has his principles.  At least he never even thought about giving money to "crooked", from the beginning, Hillary. 


Leave him alone you Trump haters, he's a businessman.  What businessman hasn't given money to "crooked", from the beginning, politicians?  Huh, you can't answer that, can you haters? 

Of course, it does make "The Tales" editorial board wonder if Trump really does think that Hillary Clinton has been "crooked" from the beginning, then maybe it depends on what Trump's meaning of the word "beginning" is. 

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