Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ambassador John Bolton To Donald Trump: 'Read The Rules'

The great Ambassador John Bolton was the "one lucky guy" on the Fox News Channel's morning show "Outnumbered."  

They opened the show talking about Donald Trump's continuing to whine about what he calls the "unfair rigged process" in the Colorado delegate selection process and Trump's saying the RNC should be ashamed of allowing such a 'corrupt' system.  Trump also used a vulgar word in describing this."

Also, they talked about the fact that some Trump supporters were issuing death threats to the chairman of the Colorado Republican Party. 

Sandra Smith, on the panel introduced a video of Trump's continued insults of the RNC, and then of Colorado Senator Corey Gardner and presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz scolding Trump for his destructive language and those Trump supporters who were issuing death threats.  After that Ambassador Bolton, when asked if Trump had a point about the process, said in no uncertain terms, "absolutely not."  

Then the great Ambassador schooled the Trump campaign about reading and knowing the rules.

April 13, 2016: Outnumbered segment with John Bolton:

Amen, Ambassador John Bolton!

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