Monday, March 28, 2016

Where Is Chauncey Gardiner When You Need Him?

In the 1979 film, "Being There",  a totally clueless, simple minded man, Chance the gardener, who became known as Chauncey Gardiner, rose to the top of presidential politics with his ability to repeat quotes he had heard on the TV shows.  His total and only knowledge came from "the shows". 

In 2016, in the Republican Party's nominating season, a totally, clueless man on the issues of the day, especially on foreign policy and national security issues, Donald Trump, admitted himself that his knowledge on the issues of the day comes from the [TV] shows.  His total and only knowledge on national security comes from "the shows". 

But unlike the fictional character Chauncey Gardiner, Donald Trump is not able to give an answer in any rational coherent way on a question about foreign policy/national security that he has "learned" from "the shows".

Chuck Todd host of Meet The Press
Here is one example of Trump's incoherent "answer" regarding national security and the ISIS terrorists on a clip played by Chuck Todd, host of NBC News, "Meet the Press" on March 27, 2016.  Trump's answer or lack thereof [by changing the subject] displays he has no idea of what to say.  After the clip, Andrea Mitchell points out Trump's obvious lack of understanding on this and many issues by Donald Trump.   The question posed to Trump was an interview he had with the Washington Post editorial board

Clip from Meet The Press, March 27, 2016:

The Republican Party is probably wondering 'where is Chauncey Gardiner when you need him'?   

I hope I am not just using wishful thinking here, but I am convinced more and more the Republican Party will commit political suicide by nominating this man as our nominee. 

Donald Trump cannot, he must not, and he will not be the Republican nominee in 2016. 


Anonymous said...

Sam Harris said on Bill Maher's show last Friday night that DJT is Chauncey Gardiner's evil twin.

Big Mike said...

Ha, you see I didn't copy as I did this post in March of 2016. :-)