Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Myth Of Trump Bringing Democrats Into The Republican Party

I keep hearing many Republicans, like Bill Bennett on his morning show say, Trump is bringing all these new people into the Party, isn't that what we want, what we have been crying for all these years, to expand the Republican Party?  

Yes, Bill that is what we want, if it were true.  But it is a myth.  These people aren't joining the Republican Party.  They are following one man.  If that one man left the race today for whatever reason, they would leave with him back to the Democrat Party.  

It is obvious from anecdotal evidence you see on the social media.  Many of these "new voters in the GOP" people who are voting for Trump, hate the Republican Party.  Many of them hate conservatives.  

It is obvious from polls showing if Trump decided today to start a third party candidacy, most of these people will follow him or they will go back to voting for the Democrat, or they will go back to not voting at all...they will not stay in the Republican Party and vote for the Republican, who is not Donald Trump, for president. 

So, how is Trump expanding the Republican Party?  If Trump wins the nomination and he were somehow to win the election, which will never happen for someone with a 67% disapproval rating with the general electorate, does anyone think these Democrats/Independents who will vote for him will be voting for the Republican Party down ballot candidates?   

Many people are comparing what Trump is doing to what Ronald Reagan did with the Reagan Democrats.  This is not even close to being true.  Ronald Reagan, through great communication skills, was able to convince millions of Democrats that the conservatism inherent in the Republican Party and optimism was the way to rebuild this shining city on the hill.  These Democrats became Republicans.  They followed Ronald Reagan's mantra..."I didn't leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me."  

Donald Trump on the other hand is not using optimism and a core center of conservative beliefs to have Democrats join the Republican Party.  He is using demagoguery and fear [mostly xenophobic], praying to the worst instincts of some people who haven't voted in the past to vote for him...they are not becoming new Republicans.  These people could care less about the Republican Party...or even it's survival, which I submit is in danger if we nominate this con man. 

Ronald Reagan had a set of core conservative beliefs that much of what the Republican Party stood for and he was able to communicate that to help build the Republican Party with people who had those same beliefs.  Donald Trump has zero core conservative beliefs that are at the mainstay of the Republican Party, so there is no way he could be converting Democrats to join the Party because of those beliefs.  

So, I state once again, unlike Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump is not expanding the Republican Party with new converts, he is just expanding the Trump "brand."   And that is scary as hell to me. 



Theresa R said...

This person who moved to the Republican party in the mid-80's will leave the Republican party if Trump is the candidate. The media (Fox News) has done us a disservice by giving him 24/7 air time thereby guaranteeing that he doesn't have to use his own money for ads. Hate has been growing in the GOP for years and Fox has flamed that hate with vitriol against everything that Obama did or said. I disliked Obama being President and feel that he was bad for the country - but they made people HATE. That HATE allowed a person with no workable plans for a country to come in. They (the media) propped him up as the answer to our problems. I think that any state that offers a Caucus or open primaries is not allowing the registered Republicans to make the choice for nominees. I find it funny that Bill Bennett said that Trump is bringing people to the Democrat party when all the Democrats I know can't stand him but would vote for one other candidate we have if Hillary is forced on them. WAKE UP PEOPLE - THE MEDIA HAS BEEN MAKING OUR CHOICES FOR FAR TOO LONG. RESEARCH AND THINK FOR YOURSELF. YOU WOULD BE AMAZED AT HOW GREAT THIS COUNTRY REALLY CAN BE WHEN WE DO THAT.

Big Mike said...

Thank you so much Theresa for those so true comments. I appreciate your great input!

Anonymous said...

Mike I am a 30 yr GOPer - well said #NeverTrump

Big Mike said...

Thank you 30 year old GOPer 😀