Saturday, March 5, 2016

Symphonic Beethoven

This weekend begins a three weekend Beethoven series by the great Houston Symphony Orchestra at Jones Hall in Houston, TX.  The fetching Mrs. Sheralyn B. and I will be in attendance to watch our dynamic young conductor, Maestro Andres Orozco-Estrada lead the orchestra in Beethoven's symphonies #2 and #8.  

L. Van Beethoven  1770 - 1829
Ludwig van Beethoven the great German master who was a bridge between the Classical and Romantic Eras of classical music, composed 9 symphonies.  All of Beethoven's symphonies are grand masterpieces, so while the second and eighth symphonies are near the bottom of my favorite ones, we are still looking forward to being in Jones Hall to this symphonic Beethoven evening.  If I had to put them in order [my opinion only] it would be: 

1. Symphony # 9 "Choral" 
2. Symphony #5
3. Symphony # 3 "Eroica"
4. Symphony #6 "Pastorale"
5. Symphony #7
6. Symphony #8
7. Symphony #4
8. Symphony #1
9. Symphony #2 

Beethoven's Symphony #2 is scored in D-Major with four movements: 1. Adagio molto - Allegro con brio, 2. Larghetto,
3. Scherzo, 4. Allegro molto. 

Beethoven's Symphony #8 is scored in F-Major with four movements:  1. Allegro vivace e con brio, 2. Allegretto scherzando, 3. Tempo di Menuetto, 4. Allegro vivace. 

In the You Tube video below, Symphony # 8 is from the 2012 BBC Proms with Maestro Daniel Barenboim.

As always when Mrs. B and I go to a symphony concert at Jones Hall, I like to give you just a little of what we will be hearing tonight.  So, please turn up the volume and enjoy some great symphonic Beethoven.

L.V. Beethoven: Symphony #2 in D-Major, Movement 4 Allegro Molto:

L.V. Beethoven: Symphony #8 in F-Major:

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