Thursday, March 24, 2016

Really GOP, Really?

I just posted this on my Face Book page:

Well, believe it or not Trump supporters, and I'm sure you will dismiss this poll even though you and Trump live and die by the polls---Just the latest in head to head match-ups that show what 95% of every other poll is showing. This taken March 17-20 of 925 registered voters with a (+-3%) margin of error from CNN/ORC:

Clinton 48 - Cruz 48
Clinton 45 - Kasich 51
Clinton 53 - Trump 41

Out of the margin of error, Donald Trump loses in a landslide to Hillary Clinton...I suspect if he is the nominee, those numbers will get worse, much worse for Trump when all the Democrat/Hillary ads and the MSM media (sorry for being redundant) starts to unload on all the negative un-presidential material they have on Trump.  I could make an ad that would destroy Trump, so I know the MSM will be able to do it. 

Oh, and BTW if socialist...I said socialist Bernie Sanders is the Dem nominee.... it is Sanders 58% - Trump 38%

Really GOP, Really?????????


Bedfordguy said...

The truth never has figured into the thinking of Trump supporters. Their opinions are like a brink wall. No amount of logic, persuasion, or facts are going to get into their way. It is comforting to know, however, that Trump is NOT a republican, and he will not get to 1237 before the convention, and he has no real chance of becoming the republican nominee.

Big Mike said...

Oh, from your lips to God's ears, Harry!!!!