Wednesday, July 20, 2016

'Of All Sad Words Of Tongue And Pen...'

"Of All Sad Words of Tongue and Pen..." [March 30,2016]

John Greenleaf Whittier, from "Maud Miller": "Of all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest of these, 'it might have been'."

The GOP has been trying for years to become more diverse, more inclusive, and broaden their appeal to all Americans, not just be the "old white people party" which, I think unjustly, the perception of the party had been.

The GOP has made great strides the last decade in doing so, culminating in a plethora of youthful minority and female candidates that were elected on the Republican side in the 2014 midterm elections.  The Tales pointed this out in the post, "The Party Of Diversity" , published just after the 2014 midterm elections.  

The GOP was evolving exponentially into becoming an inclusive party.  That point was even made more emphatically by the youthful and racially diverse candidates that were running for president in 2016 [that included an Indian-American, a woman, an African-American, and two young Hispanic-Americans running] as compared to the tired old white candidates running on the Democrat side. 

Then when Nikki Haley, standing along with Senator Tim Scott endorsed Marco Rubio for president when they were in South Carolina, you had an Indian-American female Governor endorsing an Hispanic-American Senator, standing on the stage with an African-American Senator in the deep South...and these great patriots were all Republicans.  

Oh, what might have been
It seemed like the corner had been turned for the Republican Party with this optimistic new dynamic, youthful, and diverse team that could very well become the new face of the Republican Party.  Forever more it looked like this new American generation of conservative leaders would lead the real party of diversity, the Republican Party. 

With the defeat of Senator Rubio in the Florida primary and his subsequent withdrawal from the race, that hoped for new face of the GOP seemed to be fading away.

And if the GOP electorate in the primaries actually gives Donald Trump the 1237 electorates to win the nomination, the hope for the new face of the Republican Party will have not just faded away, but shattered and will be taking a huge step backwards, as the face of the party will then be that of a non-inclusive, non-welcoming, vulgar insulting misogynist.

This would be a very bad face indeed for the Republican party that could take a decade or more to overcome, and that is so sad when one pines on "what might have been." 


eurobird said...

This is exactly the case. Well said, Michael.

Please read George Will' s column, I have put it on FB this morning.

This article I keep for ever.

Big Mike said...

Thanks so much eurobird!! God Bless.