Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lt. Col. Allen West Scolds Donald Trump On His Foreign Policy 'Advisers'

Fox News Channel's "On The Record" host, Greta Van Susteren,  played a clip of Donald Trump giving an answer to Joe Scarborough on MSNBC's Morning Joe show, on who he turns to for military advise.

I thought there couldn't be a worse answer than the one Donald Trump gave in the debates that he gets his military advise from the morning shows [he has yet to explain if he meant the Sunday shows or the Saturday morning shows].  Boy was I wrong. I won't say ahead of time but watch the video to see the troubling answer Trump gave on who he turns to for military advise.

Lt. Col. Allen  West
After Greta played the clip, she had the great patriot, former Florida congressman, Lt. Col. Allen West on her show to ask his reaction on Trump's flippant answer.  Greta also asked Colonel West on who he would turn to for foreign policy advise.  Watch this great man scolds Trump for his answer and then schools him on what the correct response should have been.  

"On The Record" Show, Wednesday March 16, 2016:

Looking at the contrast of those two answers by Trump and West, I sure wish we could switch which one is the possible presidential nominee and which one is back on TV telling people they are fired. 

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