Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Donald Trump Does Not Have An Exclusivity With 'The People'

It is hard, but when I try to discuss rationally with a Donald Trump supporter about a contested convention, no matter what facts you give them about needing a majority of the delegates [i.e., 1237 delegates] to win the nomination, they will always come back with, "if Trump has the most delegates going into the convention and they 'take it [the nomination] away' from him, that will be against the will of the people"

No, that won't be against the will of the people.  It will only be against the wish of the people who are Trump supporters.  Yes, I am sure they will be upset, but guess what?  There are millions of people who would be upset if Trump does get the nomination if he goes into the convention without the 1237 delegates needed.  

The people who oppose Trump are people too.  They have strong wishes too.

It takes a majority - 1237 delegates - that's the rules - that has always been the rules - that will always be the rules

Even though a majority of Republicans are voting for someone other than Trump and a majority of delegates won have been for someone other than Trump, I still would not say if Trump does win the nomination, that is against the will of the people.  Just as in Trump's supporters case, that would only be against the will of the people who oppose Trump's nomination. 

No one has an exclusive right to "the will of the people".  Both Trump supporters and Trump detractors are people.  Each side of people will be upset if their man doesn't win the nomination.

Be upset if you want, but please stop with this "they better not take it away from the 'will of the people'" argument, because it is meaningless.

Thank you.

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