Thursday, March 31, 2016

Anderson Cooper Scolds Donald Trump On His Childish Response

CNN on Tuesday night held a Town Hall, hosted by Anderson Cooper, with the three remaining candidates on the GOP side, Senator Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Governor John Kasich.  

Senator Cruz was the strongest of the three and I think helped himself with a personal touch [talking about the strong women in his life, his mother and his wife, and giving a touching story of his sister who died of an overdose of drugs].  John Kasich did alright but I don't think really helped himself in Wisconsin like I believe Cruz did, and Donald Trump, with as much of it as I could watch when he was on, was a total disaster when talking about foreign policy.  Donald Trump was, per usual, very un-presidential in appearance. 

Anderson Cooper gives quip of the night
On the Don Lemon show on CNN after the Town Hall, Amy Holmes, one of Don's guests on the panel, made the brilliant point that the key moment of the night and the line of the night didn't come from any of the three candidates but from Anderson Cooper himself with the following quip you will hear from Anderson when Trump begins to "answer" the question posed to him about Re-Tweeting a very unattractive picture of Heidi Cruz.  Watch it here.   

CNN, Don Lemon Show, March 29, 2016:

Anderson Cooper to Donald Trump:  "That's the argument of a five year old."

Boom!   Anderson Cooper nails Trump's whole presidential campaign in a nutshell.  

I have this tribble friend, talk radio200 on twitter, who in the Hugh Hewitt chat room, the Hughniverse, would have made one suggestion [demand] to Anderson Cooper after he had made that comment:  "Anderson, apologize immediately to five year-olds."   :-)

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