Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Trump Demeans Conservatives With His 'Common Sense' Remark

With Donald Trump's unraveling melt down at the debate in South Carolina and all the talk being about that, there is a phrase Trump used to explain his ideology that has gone below the radar screen.

When Trump was asked if he considered himself a conservative because so many of his positions in the past were more in line with the left than the right, Trump said"I consider myself a "common-sense" conservative."

Sorry Donald, I can come up with a lot of other words for you than "common sense"
Think about that.  What a slap in the face to the millions of patriotic constitutional conservatives out there.  Trump is arrogantly implying he is above us loser conservatives because he [and I have never heard anyone else claim this except himself] uses common sense in defining his conservatism.

He gave one example of his "common sense" conservatism as his supporting eminent domain [and not just for public use, but for private interests to take private property from citizens to enhance their private profits].  If there is anything almost all conservatives agree on is their opposition to this taking of a citizen's property for private profit.  Of course, we are not "common sense" conservatives like Donald Trump. 

I know a lot of conservatives who were upset of George W. Bush's use of the term "compassionate" conservative.  Many of those conservatives are now supporting Donald Trump-so are they just as upset with Trump for, I believe, an even more demeaning term toward conservatives.  And I didn't have as much problem with W calling himself that because there was no doubt about his life long conservative Republican credentials, something you can't say about Donald Trump.  

Think about it, any issue with which Trump goes against the consensus of conservatives, he can always claim his position is just as conservative, but it is being a "common sense" conservative.  And amazingly and sadly, his loyal sycophants will probably go along with him.

I am hoping and praying South Carolina conservative Republicans and the rest of the nation's conservative Republicans tell Donald Trump with our votes, "yes, Donald Trump we are also using common sense by telling you, 'you're fired.'"

and don't let the door ... 

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