Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Real RINO Establishment Candidate

As anyone who has read this blog knows I hate the terms RINO and establishment and wish they go out of use because of their being so misused and over-used.  For example, check out this blog post I did:  Why The Term RINO Has Changed To 'The Establishment.'

Because I continue to hear the word "establishment being used as a pejorative in this race more than ever, [especially by Trump fans being used now against Marco Rubio] for this blog post only I will humor those enamored with the acronym "RINO" and the term "the establishment". 

So, I think most conservative Republicans will agree, that if one did have to name RINO Republicans that Trent Lott-MS, Bob Dole-KS, Rudy Giuliani-NY and Scott Brown-MA/NH would surely be among those who could be considered as such.   

So, what do these men all have in common besides being RINO/establishment Republicans?  They all either in the Iowa caucus or nationwide have endorsed Donald Trump for the GOP nomination for president.

So, while Trump fans, like Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, and Sean Hannity, absurdly try to portray Marco Rubio as "the evil establishment" candidate going against the pure "good guy" Donald Trump who is battling the establishment, it is actually Donald Trump who is the real RINO establishment GOP candidate. 

supported by the RINO's - I guess it takes one to know one
I'm just using absurdity to reveal the total absurdity of this establishment vs non-establishment argument.


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