Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rush Limbaugh Vouches For Marco Rubio's Conservative Bona Fides

Wow!  This could be Yuge [sic].  El Rushbo, Rush Limbaugh, who not even Donald Trump supporters can with a straight face question his conservative bona fides, decided on his Tuesday Rush Limbaugh show that enough was enough with the attack on Marco Rubio that he is an establishment candidate [also a RINO].

El Rushbo
Rush Limbaugh stated in no way is Marco Rubio some moderate RINO.  Rush vouched for Marco being a full throated true conservative. 

Thanks to Megyn Kelly on her Kelly Files on Tuesday night, Jan. 2, 2016, who played this video of Rush Limbaugh from his Tuesday radio show:

I myself am getting sick and tired of this implication that Marco Rubio is some sham conservative because he is the establishment candidate. 

So, I say thank you Rush Limbaugh and God Bless!  


88keyman said...

I'd be more thankful to Rush if he hadn't for so long been a shill for Trump. By his mindless repetition of the word "Establishment" -- which he continues even now -- he basically parrots Trump's "I'm tne anti-Establishment guy" talking point.

Big Mike said...

Yes I agree key man and that's why I stopped listening to Rush- I just caught this clip when watching Megyn Kelly's show- and I was glad at least he did this- although I agree with your point.