Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Please Consider These Head To Head Match-ups New Hampshire

Before the Iowa caucuses, the Tales put out the head to head numbers, between the possible Democrat candidates [i.e., Hillary and Bernie] versus Donald Trump.  I was just asking the Iowa voters take those numbers as a factor, as I was trying to persuade them to not vote for Donald Trump as I feel he would be a disaster for the GOP.  Now, as the CEO of "the Tales", I am not claiming credit for the Iowa results, but, who knows?  :-)  

So, now it is time for the great people of the "live free or die" state, New Hampshire, to vote.  I will once again post the latest head to head match up numbers between Hillary Clinton vs. the top 3 GOP candidates [Rubio, Trump, Cruz] and those of Bernie Sanders vs. those 3 candidates.  I know it is early and these certainly can change when the match-ups actually occur, but these numbers have been consistent from the beginning.  They show Donald Trump consistently losing to the Democrat candidate and Marco Rubio consistently beating the possible Democrat candidate.  Senator Ted Cruz falls in the middle.  

This is from Real Clear Politics [which does not rely on just one poll but all the recent polls put together]:


New Hampshire, I am not asking you to base your total votes on these numbers, but please take them into consideration when making your important decision on Tuesday.


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