Friday, February 26, 2016

Marco Rubio Discovers Line Of Attack That Will Bring Down Trump

Yes, you can say why didn't Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz bring this forceful attack on Donald Trump earlier, as they did in a relentless effective way at the University of Houston GOP debate Thursday night.   But I say better late than never.  Let's put everything in perspective.  There has only been two caucuses and two primaries so far with a tiny amount of delegates that will be needed to win the nomination.  So, this could turn out to be the perfect time for, what I think, was a devastating attack on Donald Trump.  We still have 5 days until Super Tuesday, and that means five more days where Cruz and Rubio can continue the assault on the front runner, Donald Trump. 

The man [along with Cruz] who took down the bully

And in this short clip below you will see the line of attack they will be going after Trump on.  Trump has portrayed himself as this populist who will look out for the little man, and someone who tells it like it is.  Well Senator Marco Rubio and to some extent Senator Ted Cruz, proved with their arguments at the Houston debate that Donald Trump is a big hypocrite who is no populist and does not tell it like it is, but he is a big fraud, a huckster, and a carnival barker.  

Marco Rubio on Feb. 26, 2016:

This line of attack, effectively done, will be the argument that will bring down Donald Trump because it takes away Trump's appeal of being a populist fighting the establishment politicians.

This attack will destroy that myth as they can show that Trump, rather than looking out for the little guy, has actually hurt the little guy by his hiring illegal aliens, and hiring foreign workers over American workers and his making his clothing in countries other than America, and his defrauding Americans out of thousands of dollars with his fake college.  It will also show that he hasn't been fighting the establishment politicians, but has been a major part of making deals with establishment...especially the liberal Democrat establishment.

So what will those Trump supporters who say they don't care he is not a solid conservative because there is finally someone who strongly tells it like it is and that he will be working for them, say now?

If they are realistic, and that is a big if, they will realize the can no longer support Donald Trump as it has been revealed that... 

The huckster has no clothes. [and if he does have, they probably were made in Mexico or China]


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