Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hugh Hewitt On Why There Will Be A Contested GOP Convention In Cleveland

My favorite radio talk show host, Hugh Hewitt, was the man who gave Hillary Clinton the moniker of  "The grandmother of Obamacare."   Of course, after Hugh said that I have heard other pundits call Hillary that [without giving proper credit to Hugh for inventing that phrase]. 

Hugh Hewitt
So, to make sure this doesn't happen again, let it be known that many months ago Hugh stated on his Hugh Hewitt talk show that he thought the Republican Convention in Cleveland in July, 2016 would be a"contested", or open, convention. Hugh said he doesn't like the word that most people use, "brokered" because, he jokes, "we are not like the Democrats" where Hillary Clinton can gain so many delegates in a state she was just blown out of.  

Hugh has continued saying this would happen ever since he first stated this.  Now, after the New Hampshire results with still 5 strong candidates still standing, I am beginning to hear others, who first laughed at Hugh's contention, saying no way would this happen, coming to the realization that there is a good possibility there could be an open convention. 

Don Lemon 
Hugh was on CNN's Don Lemon show on Wednesday night where he explained to Don the reason he believes why there will not be a nominee with a majority of the delegates going to Cleveland and therefore there will be an exciting historical contested convention. 

Hugh Hewitt with Don Lemon, CNN, on Wed. Feb. 10, 2016:

Hugh, who likes to joke that just like Ernie Banks used to say let's play two, says let's have two weeks in Cleveland in July for the GOP nomination.  Oh, by the way, Cleveland is Hugh's home town, which he surprisingly admits to in spite of it being the only city in America without a professional sports team. 

Hugh also told Don Lemon on this interview that the next 10 days coming up could be the most exciting 10 days in GOP primary history, leading to the South Carolina primary.



Milepost 154 said...

Okay, here is where I get to make this as clear as possible. I used to live in Ohio, in Kettering, just outside of Dayton. My high school, Fairmont East, had a uniform more professionally designed and creative than that of the stupid BROWNS, who have not only the WORST uniform in football history (and that's saying something), the worst football helmet graphics in the history of graphics (and that's saying something), and the worst / most stupid name in the history of football (and that's saying something).

Naming a team the BROWNS is like naming a sports team the TAMPONS.

I have spoken. Well, written actually.


Big Mike said...

Ha! Well spoken ...err...written BZ! 😀