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The Tales For Marco Rubio President 2016

As we enter 2016 nearing the first caucuses in Iowa and first primary in New Hampshire, I think it is a good time for this repeat post first published on Aug. 31, 2015.

Supporting Marco Rubio For President

The Tales makes it official.  We want to be the first blog [on August 31, 2015] to officially announce that we support Senator Marco Rubio as our choice for President of the United States of America.

This taken from my post The Case For Marco Rubio:

"So, the Tales pick for the GOP nomination and for the president of the United States: Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.  We, at the Tales [i.e., me], feel that Marco Rubio will not only be a great candidate for president, but will be the strongest candidate of all the nominees in this super GOP field.  It is not just the fact that we feel Senator Rubio will be the strongest candidate who can win against the Democrat, we also believe that he would make a great president of the United States."

Mr. President - ah, that has such a nice ring to it
"Senator Rubio is an impressive, great communicator who we have compared favorably in previous posts to President  Ronald Reagan, the great communicator.    The GOP has been looking for a long time for the next Ronald Reagan, who can effectively communicate conservative principles and in bright bold colors state the cause of good vs. evil in the world, and I believe we may have him in Senator Marco Rubio.  As a side benefit, we have here a young handsome Hispanic with a great family story who is from the critical state of Florida.  When you add to that this man's great communication skills of conservative principles who has charisma, you have, in my opinion, the strongest potential GOP nominee since Ronald Reagan. 

Senator Rubio is strong not just on economic issues but maybe more importantly in this election, a strong national security senator who strongly supports the state of Israel as the Jewish state.  

Unless there is a drastic change in world events for the better in the next few months [and the odds of that are zero and less than zero] the 2016 election will be a national security election [just as the Israel election turned out to be].  There is no one on the GOP side who can articulate the national security issues better than Senator Marco Rubio.  He would destroy Hillary Clinton in a national security debate.  I believe he would also destroy her in an economic debate or on any other issue for that matter.

I can tell you all about Senator Rubio's great communication skills but that tells you nothing compared to letting you hear the man himself in his own words." 

First listen to Marco Rubio on the Senate floor regarding the budget and his willingness to attack president Obama's class warfare demagoguery:

Now let us hear Senator Marco Rubio's communicative skills and demonstration of his knowledge on foreign policy issues and his unwavering support for the Jewish state of Israel.

Listen to this riveting speech in support of Israel in July of 2014:

On Thursday March 19, 2015 Senator Rubio took to the Senate floor to give another riveting defense of the Jewish state while he blasted the president's obnoxious and detrimental behavior towards the state of Israel.  This speech should make every true friend of Israel stand up and cheer.

Note: Thanks to C-Span and the Washington Free Beacon for this video on You Tube.

March 19, 2015 Senator Marco Rubio on the Senate floor:

If after all of this you are still not convinced Senator Marco Rubio is the great communicator 2, watch how he handles himself brilliantly when being questioned by the skeptical main stream media. Watch this great communicator, take on Bob Schieffer of Face the Nation in July of 2011:

Sometimes conservatives forget that Marco Rubio was one of the first and strongest tea party candidates, who took and defeated the establishment favorite [who turned out to be a real RINO as he switched parties and frankly never really a Republican] Charlie Crist, who was at the time assumed to be unbeatable.  Marco Rubio
not only has strong tea party ties, but also appeals to establishment with his leadership style.  Senator Rubio, with his clear straight forward communication skills, will, I believe, appeal to the independent unaffiliated [party] voters.  He also, I believe, will be the best GOP candidate to compete strongly for the ever growing Hispanic vote, as did President George W. Bush.  Plus, Senator Rubio will have a huge advantage in his home state of Florida, a state the GOP must win to win the 2016 presidential election. 

I truly believe that Senator Marco Rubio could be the best Republican candidate nominated for president since the great Ronald Reagan, and therefore, Tales wants to be the first blog to officially say that we strongly support Marco Rubio for the GOP nomination for president for 2016.

The next president of the United States - Marco Rubio
In one of the more memorable lines from Marco Rubio's exciting announcement on April 13, 2015 Marco Rubio said: Yesterday, the candidate from yesterday [i.e., Hillary Clinton] promised to return us to yesterday.  Well, yesterday is over!

The Tales has an uncanny record of correct political predictions [except for 2012] is now predicting the GOP ticket for 2016 [and the next president/vice president of the United States]. 

Mark it down and put it in the record books - it will be one of the following tickets:

Rubio/Cruz 2016!      
Rubio/Kasich 2016!
Rubio/Fiorina 2016!
Rubio/Haley 2016!

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