Thursday, November 7, 2019

'The Producers 2'

I first published this on Jan. 28, 2016.  I actually didn't believe, even though I advanced this theory almost 4 years ago, that Donald Trump was attempting to lose the presidential election, but looking back, I think it is still funny-well, to me at least, maybe not you.

Coming soon to a theater near year - a remake of the classic Mel Brooks movie/musical, "The Producers": 

The Producers 2 - may not be as funny as the first - may not be funny at all
                "The Producers 2" [from Jan. 2016]

Starring: Donald Trump as himself and Zero Carvel as his lame brain assistant.

Setting: 2016 America - aka the Trump empire

Music"Springtime for Donald"

Genre:  Politically fantasy or nightmare reality [which one it is depends on the wisdom or lack thereof of the GOP primary voters]

Synopsis and highlights:

Billionaire magnate, Donald Trump, lays out an ingenious plan to his longtime assistant Zero Carvel that will make his "Yuge" Trump empire even much "Yuger".  

The plan:  Donald Trump will get millions of new investors buying into his Trump empire when he enters the GOP race for president.  He will do this by making it look like a serious effort to win the presidency.  Of course he couldn't really win the presidency because then he would actually have to live in the White House and divest himself of his empire.  So, what he will do is make so many gaffes and outrageous comments that his run for the presidency will end in certain failure.  He can then blame the establishment, get out of the race, and bring with him those millions who invested in him to make his Trump empire even greater than it is now. 

But a funny thing will happen on the Donald's attempt to make a failing presidential run.  When he says things that will surely end his campaign, like calling Mexicans rapists and murderers; saying that John McCain is not a war hero because he respects soldiers who don't get captured more than those that do; calling Megyn Kelly a bimbo; and even disgustingly mocking a disabled reporter - instead of his numbers going down and forcing him out of the race, they actually go up

Because it is looking like there is the real possibility, that disastrously for Don, he could actually win the presidency and his plan of building up his empire will go up in smoke, Zero calls Donald to have an emergency meeting.

Donald Trump says, "fear not Zero.  I have an emergency plan I will install just before the Iowa caucuses that I will call "Springtime for Donald in Iowa".  "This plan will surely end my presidential run."

"But Donald", questions Zero, "the Iowa caucuses are in Winter not Spring".  "That's the beauty of it, Zero", says Donald.  "It is so outrageous that you won't even know what season your in."

Donald Trump's outrageous emergency plan is that he will say he won't attend the final Fox News debate to be held just days before the Iowa caucus.  This will upset the Iowa caucus goers that Trump is acting in such a childish way, thumbing his nose at them that they will almost surely make him a loser in Iowa.  And that, in effect, will make Trump's plan a winner where he will soon thereafter be able to end his campaign, taking his millions of followers with him to build up the Trump empire to unheard of heights.

How do you spell "genius"?
Update: spoiler alert: To find out how this movie ends and if Donald Trump was successful in his attempt to increase his mega empire by losing the presidential election, watch the original "Producers" or check google for the November election results, whichever comes first.  :-)  


dbsnyder said...

I think the key point is "he would have to divest himself of his empire" also he would have to choose a vice-president running mate. Who could he choose? Who could accept?

Big Mike said...

Good point DB. You know it can't be Cruz-he said he's ineligible 😀

dbsnyder said...

And all the rest are stupid losers.

Big Mike said...