Monday, February 1, 2016

The Poll That Should Send Shockwaves To GOP Voters

This is a repeat post from Jan. 19, 2015 that I am doing now for Iowa caucus voters in hopes they will take this into account as they caucus.  At least, let this be one of the factors you consider for those of you who still haven't made up your mind.

Now that we are into 2016, about to begin the primary season, the polls are beginning to become more relevant.  And to me, the most important polls are the head to head match ups between a potential GOP candidate and either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders [the two people who have a chance at the Democrat nomination].  

All along the head to head match ups have shown Donald Trump performing the worst of all in those head to head match ups compared to the other GOP candidates.  Of course, those had taken place last year, too far away from the election to be meaningful.  But now we are into 2016 and the focus begins in earnest.  

Because the Iowa caucuses are only two weeks away, those undecided caucus voters, I think, should take into account as one of their factors in supporting a candidate if that candidate can beat Hillary Clinton [and/or Bernie Sanders].  I realize a poll today can change and if the numbers are close one way or another you could rightfully discount any poll today.  But the poll that just came out is not even close.

That is why this newest poll from NBC News/Wall Street Journal of this head to head match up, should send shockwaves to Iowa voters.  And this was not one of those questionable polls with a sample of 400 people with a high margin of error percentage.  This is a reputable poll of 800 registered voters with a margin of error rate at a small +/- 3.5%.

Thanks to Fox New Channel's "Outnumbered" co-host Sandra Smith for showing this poll:

Look at this Iowa.  If the election were held today Clinton, who is probably at one of her low points of all time, still trounces Trump nationally and what is even more scary is that Bernie Sanders, I repeat, socialist Bernie Sanders, clobbers Trump by 15%.  

If Trump actually became the GOP nominee he could make it look like Barry Goldwater was competitive in 1964. 

Come on Iowa, please save the GOP from making a colossal fatal mistake.  

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