Monday, January 11, 2016

The Final Torturous Obama SOTU Address

Good things happen to those who wait.  Finally, we will be experiencing the final State of the Union Address from President Barack Hussein Obama on Tuesday Jan. 12, 2016.  This [being the final SOTU Address by Obama] was one of the first things I mentioned in a previous post that we have to thankful for in 2016.

Barack Obama's previous SOTU Addresses have all had one thing in common.  They all have been almost unbearable, torturous to listen to.  The "Bard" must have been prescient having Obama's speeches in mind, as they have been "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."  So, you may rightfully ask why have I tortured myself by listening to them.  The answer, I have just been doing my service for humanity, listening to them so I can report about them on the Tales, so you don't have to.

I think I have been generous in giving president Obama's previous addresses a grade of D.  Three D's to be correct:  Divisive, Demagogic, and Devious.  The first two D's speak for themselves. The devious grade is for all the straw man arguments Obama employs.  He has also been devious in some of the traditional guests that sit next to the First Lady.  In 2014 he had this lady, Misty DeMars an unemployed lady whose unemployment benefits had run out, who the Tales exposed as having given a questionable story [when the rest of the story was known].  And then in 2015, Obama had as a prop, err guest, sitting next to the First Lady, Rebeka Erler, a supposed average middle class American citizen, who just happened to be a major Democrat operative, liberal activist.  The Tales exposed both questionable guests in this article that you can read by clicking here

Now this year, 2016, Obama is employing a stunt, in my opinion, by announcing that he will be leaving the chair next to the First Lady empty for all of the victims of gun violence.  I have found this great article by one of my tribble friends from Arizona known on twitter as @Servative, about the empty seat at the State of the Union Address in The 405 web site.

Presidential leadership under Obama
From the article, "An Empty Seat At The State Of The Union", servative states, "President Obama is leaving an “empty seat” at his State of the Union this week, ostensibly for “victims of gun violence.  I, for one, am sick of Obama and the Democrats trying to emotionally-manipulate me into doing anything, yet alone going along with them on some bullshit “common-sense” gun-control scheme to limit my constitutional right to self-protection with a weapon, especially when I know they know darn well that gun-control can’t control criminals."

Servative than gives some more appropriate [in my opinion] ideas for who the empty seat at the State of the Union should be left for.  Some of  Servative's examples:  

"How about an empty seat for Kathryn Steinle, a victim of Obama Democrat Sanctuary City policies, murdered by Francisco Sanchez in San Francisco, July 2015."

"How about one for the 14 people killed by Islamo-fascist terrorists in San Bernardino, Dec. 2, 2015."

"How about one for Christians across the Middle-East murdered by ISIS, Obama’s “JV” team of virulent Islamist terrorists."

"How about an empty seat for race relations, which have gone south under Obama..."

For the rest of Servative's examples of who better should fill that empty seat of the State of the Union and to read this entire great article at, please click here.
While in the past the Tales has been watching the SOTU addresses of Obama so you won't have to, please forgive me, as knowing the demagoguery that will be coming with Obama's "empty seat" stunt and also realizing this will be his last one, I must skip watching this one so as to give my stomach a well deserved break. 



Bedfordguy said...

I am going to punish myself and watch it tonight.

Big Mike said...

You're a braver man than me big Harry! 😀