Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Thank You, Sir - Edward Elgar, That Is

I have played this piece before on the Tales and it is so beautiful, I'd like to repeat it on this hopefully peaceful Wednesday. 

Today's piece uses the theme and variations style. Sir Edward Elgar's great variations on an original theme: "Enigma" Variations.  I discussed the Enigma in this past post.
In these three videos will be the original theme in movement 1; the ultra beautiful "Nimrod" variation, which is in the 9th movement;  and the finale, 14th movement.

Thank you, Sir!  Edward Elgar that is for such wonderful music.

Please turn up the volume and enjoy.

Sir Edward Elgar: "Enigma" Variations: Movement 1: Theme, Andante and movement 2 [1st variation] listesso tempo:

Sir Edward Elgar: "Enigma" Variations: Movement 9, Nimrod variation:

Sir Edward Elgar: "Enigma" Variations: Movement 14, Finale, allegro-presto:


Bedfordguy said...

Beautiful themes, big Mike

Big Mike said...

Thanks big Harry