Friday, January 29, 2016

Social Media's Encouraging News For Marco Rubio

I just posted this on my Face Book page.  The Google chart was introduced by Shannon Bream on Gretchen Carlson's Real Story afternoon show on the Fox News Channel.

From my Face Book page on Jan. 29, 2016

Google asked their users who won the GOP debate last night and even included Donald Trump even though he wasn't in the debate. Usually in that situation Trump always wins but look at these results. 

Just as in the Frank Luntz focus group last night it was Marco Rubio by a landslide. This is very encouraging news and if Marco Rubio can finish a strong third in Iowa and then second in New Hampshire he will be in the race all the way and I believe eventually win it.

I believe my candidate for the GOP nomination and the next president of the United States, Senator Marco Rubio, is gaining great momentum just at the right time.  We will find out Monday how well he does in the Iowa caucuses.   #MarcoRubio2016


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