Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Senator Ted Cruz Schools Trump On The Bogus Citizenship Issue

One great thing about the Hugh Hewitt [intelligent talk radio] show, it not only is on the cutting edge of the major news of the day, it has many times in the past made news itself from Hugh's interviews with the news makers.

The Hugh Hewitt Show making news once again

This happened again on Hugh's show on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016 show when Hugh was interviewing one of the leading GOP presidential candidates, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.  Hugh asked reluctantly [as Hugh knows this is a bogus issue] about Trump bringing up Ted Cruz eligibility for president because Senator Cruz was born in Canada [to an American citizen mother who was born in the United States]. 

Donald Trump don't mess with Texas or Senator Cruz
I may have missed it, but when I have listened to Senator Cruz I have yet to hear him take on Donald Trump, even when Trump has made ridiculous comments about Cruz [like he wonders about Cruz being an evangelical because he's a Cuban-American].  But that changed on Hugh's show on Tuesday as Senator Cruz blasted Trump for questioning his American citizenship.  I was hoping Cruz would finally do this because it was beginning to look like he was afraid to take Trump head on.  We can say that no more.  

Also, besides taking on Trump, listen to this great exchange between two great constitutional scholars, Hugh Hewitt [professor of con-law] and Senator Ted Cruz [who has argued and won many cases before the U.S. Supreme Court] on what constitutes American citizenship.  This is good stuff.  

Thanks to the Hughniverse podcast for this audio. 

You can also read the entire transcript of the Hugh Hewitt interview with Senator Cruz by clicking on Hugh Hewitt's site here.

Senator Ted Cruz-TX, on the Hugh Hewitt Show, Jan. 12, 2016:

While Hugh is the teacher and Senator Cruz is running for president, I think we can say both gentleman schooled the Donald on his bogus question of Cruz' eligibility.  

Donald Trump gets an F in their class and I'm hoping the GOP will also be giving Donald Trump an F in the upcoming caucuses and primaries.   An F as in "you're fired." 


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