Friday, January 8, 2016

Marco Rubio Stating Clearly Why He Is Running For President

I am a supporter of Senator Marco Rubio for President and his appearance on the Neil Cavuto Fox News Channel's Show "Your World With Neil Cavuto" let me know I have made the right choice.  He was on fire showing his passion on why he is running and why I think he will win.  This young man with charisma is the greatest communicator of conservative ideals since Ronald Reagan, in my opinion, and his communicative skills will destroy Hillary Clinton in a one on one debate and will propel him to a landslide victory over her and the Democrats. 

Neil Cavuto "Your World"
Senator Marco Rubio
Watch this final segment of the interview when Neil Cavuto asks Senator Rubio about some of the back and forth dispute between himself and Governor Chris Christie, NJ. 

Final segment of interview between Neil Cavuto and Senator Marco Rubio on "Your World", January 7, 2015:

Please consider Marco Rubio when you go into the voting booth in your primary state.



Black & Red said...

Given the fluidity of this race, I hope I get the chance to vote for Mr. Rubio by the time the primary election reaches us in Illinois. Great piece, by the way.

Big Mike said...

I hope so too Black and Red. Thanks!!