Monday, January 18, 2016

Hugh Hewitt: The Ad That Didn't Work For Bush 'Will Work For Cruz'

Constitutional law professor, author, and radio talk show host, Hugh Hewitt, was one of the panelists on NBC's "Meet The Press" with Chuck Todd

Hugh Hewitt
Chuck Todd

Chuck played an ad that the Ted Cruz campaign has put out against Donald Trump that was similar to one that Republican candidate Jeb Bush had put out earlier in the campaign.  It was an ad undermining Trump's conservative credentials during an interview Trump had with Tim Russert in 1999.  The reason Ted Cruz put out the ad is because Trump said he was very insulted when Cruz mentioned "New York values" [in a disparaging way].  Cruz used Trump's own words to show that not only didn't Trump mind the idea of New York values, he owned them with pride. 

Chuck Todd rightly noted that a similar ad that the Jeb Bush campaign had recently put out did not hurt Trump and it didn't help Jeb Bush.  Mr. Todd then asked Hugh Hewitt if he thought it would work for Ted Cruz.  

Without hesitation Hugh Hewitt said, yes, while it did not work for Jeb Bush "it will work for Ted Cruz", especially in the Iowa caucuses coming up on Feb. 1.  I agree with Hugh.  The reason this ad will work well for Cruz and could hurt Trump's campaign with Iowa voters is because I don't think anyone in Iowa doubts Cruz' conservative credentials.  So, when Senator Cruz uses Trump's own words that cuts into Trump's conservative bona fides, many Iowans will take note. 

Here is the Cruz campaign ad [from Cruz You Tube site] that didn't work for Bush but could well work for Ted Cruz in Iowa.

Donald Trump on New York values - In his own words:

We won't have long to go to find out if Hugh Hewitt is right that this ad will work for Cruz in Iowa, as the caucuses take place two weeks from today.

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