Monday, January 25, 2016

Donald Trump Insults His Own Supporters - Will It Matter?

Donald Trump has insulted a lot of people on his way as the leader in the polls for the GOP nomination and nothing has phased him.  He has insulted women, U.S. prisoner of war heroes, Mexicans, people with physical disabilities, and many good conservative Republicans when they come out in support of a different candidate in the race.  His poll numbers stay the same.  I wonder if this newest insult will be any different with Donald Trump's supporters because it is an insult of them.  I kid you not.

Those of us who don't support Trump and argue strongly against his candidacy have been warned not to go after his supporters.  I agree with that and hope I haven't done that when criticizing Trump.  I wonder if now we will hear those same voices come out and blast Trump for his demeaning his own supporters?

From Mary Troyan of USA Today:  "Donald Trump, apparently concerned the deadly blizzard was infringing on his media coverage, said Saturday that he is so popular, he could shoot someone and not lose voters.  

Addressing a campaign rally in Sioux Center, Iowa, Trump bragged that his "people" are the most loyal. "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters, okay?  It's, like, incredible," Trump said."

What is almost equally as sad as what Trump said is that the crowd laughed when he said that. 

Even if Trump meant to be joking, think about what Trump just implied:  His supporters are so stupid that they would support and vote for him, no matter what he did, even if he committed a criminal act.  He is implying his supporters are mind numbed robots who will gladly "drink the kool aid" any time he gives it to them. 

I am old enough where this reminds me of the movie "A Face In The Crowd" where Andy Griffith played "Lonesome" Rhodes, a drunken TV star and in a scene near the end, when he didn't realize his mic was still on, he was heard ranting that his followers on TV were so stupid they would follow him no matter what he said. 

Donald "Lonesome Rhodes" Trump
For those saying, it was a joke and I'm making a big deal over nothing... let's say one of Donald Trump's antagonists had said the exact same thing that 'Donald Trump's supporters won't abandon him no matter what he says or does.  He could shoot somebody in the middle of Fifth Avenue and they would still yell, Go Trump.'

What would be hearing?  Stop insulting Trump's supporters.  Go after Trump if you want but stop insulting those supporting him. 

So, doesn't that apply to Trump himself?

I wonder if the the fact that Trump insulted his own supporters will matter to them?  If not, I guess that would prove what Trump said is true, and that's sad.

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