Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This Mayor In Kentucky Is An Idiot

I just saw this report on the Fox News Channel, Kelly Files that was quite disturbing of teens in St. Matthews, KY [city that is part of Metro Louisville] who were rioting, fighting, and generally terrorizing customers at a mall on Saturday night, Dec. 26, 2015.  There were even reports of shots being fired.  This action was taking place all through the mall which led some to believe that this may have been pre-planned. The mall is called the Mall, St. Matthews.

The picture of stores closing and customers running out of the stores in fear was quite unsettling.  And all this for what? Was it a pre-planned action?  I guess we will never find out because amazingly there was a small number of those rioting who were held by the police and arrested.  Oh, how small a number was that? ZERO!  That's right, customers terrorized, businesses closed early, numerous fights and not one person was arrested.  

What the hell?

St. Matthews, KY Mayor Rick Tonini
And what did the fine mayor of St. Matthews, Kentucky, Richard Tonini, say about this?  

Watch the following video, in incredulity, of what the Mayor's reaction of this lawlessness was.

Segment from the Kelly Files, Dec. 29, 2015

Am I alone in thinking Mayor Tonini is an idiot? 

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