Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Twelve Days of ... Obama?

As we enter the week of Christmas I thought it appropriate to do this repeat post from June of 2014 of one of everyone's favorite Christmas songs,  because what would Christmas be without: The Twelve Days Of...................Obama?

It must be stated that us mere mortals can't calculate a day in Obama's presidency.  Before you scoff, have you ever slowed the ocean's rise or healed the planet?  I didn't think so.  You have probably never walked on water either.  Twelve Obama days could be decades...and believe me to many Americans that's what they seem like.

Will be glad when these 12 days are over :-)
Without further ado, here is a Tales exclusive musical production 
The Twelve Days of Obama:
Words: by the Tales wordsmith, Nada Shey Caspere
Music: the Karaoke version of the Twelve Days of Christmas
Singer: name being withheld to protect the innocent and or the singer, whoever comes first.
Producer: check the singer

Seen best in full screen.  Please turn up the ... check that, we just remembered who the singer was...never mind.

The Twelve Days of Obama:


bradley said...

Awesome, I'm out of breath and need a rest after that performance-- don't move over Paul McCartney , not yet!
You need 30 days of Christmas to list all the failures of this president !

Big Mike said...

Trust me....it took more than one take to make it all the way thru without losing my breath. :-))